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Mythradon Release Notes 2022-05-05

The 2022-05-05 release offers 6 business enhancements.



New Data Type

Risk Matrix Field

A new field type is available in this release the Risk Matrix field. This field allows you to have a visual description of a risk.

To add a Risk Matrix field to an entity:

  • Go to Administration | Entity Manager
  • Select the entity you wish to add the Risk Matrix field to.
  • Add a new field to the entity and select Risk Matrix from the list of field types.
  • You can select a 3x3 or a 5x5 Risk Matrix, configure the labels as required.
  • Make the Risk Matrix field visible by adding it to the entity layout in Administration | Entity Manager | Layout.

Risk Matrix Configuration

The following screenshots show how a 3x3 and 5x5 Risk Matrix fields look like.

Risk Matrix Example


Mythradon Sales

Product End Date Restrictions

Now the value of the Product End Date field must be after the value of the Start Date field.


Portal Roles Enhancement

In this release, portal roles have been updated and streamlined for multiple entities listed below:

  • Product has been restricted to read only permission.
  • Brands and Product Categories can now be exposed to Portal users.
  • Quotes, Invoices, Line Items, Refunds and Payments are restricted to read-only and stream access.


Payment and Refund UI Enhancement

Payment and Refund modals are now shown using the full width of the modal.


Currency Enhancement

Currency in Quotes and Invoices is now extended to work with up to 3 decimal places.

All calculations will round to the decimal places specified in Administration | Currency with a maximum of 3 decimal places.


System Administration

System Managed Roles

All Base System Managed Roles now have read permission on Currency.


Bug Fixes

Mass Update

Mass Update was giving an error for Brands, Product Categories , and Tax Classes.


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