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Portal Users


Portal Users are similar to Mythradon regular Users. However, Portal Users can only access to Portals that they are assigned to.

Portal Users are designated for customers and partners to access some functionalities of Mythradon without exposing your company's whole information.


Creating Portal Users

To create a portal user:

  • Select Administration | Portal Users from the Menu Button
  • Press the Create Portal User button
  • Portal Users can be created by selecting an existing Contact. The Contact information will be prefilled to the Users information. Press the Proceed w/o Contact button if you do not want to do so.

Portal User Select Contact

  • Fill in the required information and select Portals and Portal Roles. A portal users can have access to one or more than one portals and roles. Click Save button to save the user.

Portal User Select Portal


Dashboard for Portal Users

Portal Users can have a custom Dashboard Layout. This allows customisation for certain Portal Users to have a dashboard that varies from the Portal Default.

To assign a dashboard template for a portal user:

  • Select an existing portal user or create new
  • In Misc section, select a template
  • You can either select an existing or create a new template for a specific user.

Portal User Select Template


2FA Settings for Portal Users

2FA provides stronger security for your users by requiring a second verification step when you sign in. Mythradon supports the use of the TOTP Authentication this is a standard and is available in a range of authentication applications such as Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator these can be installed directly in your browser or as a separate application on your phone. Both work in the same way, by providing a random code that expires every 30 seconds. Therefore you need to type in the 2FA code provided in Google Authenticator to validate your login before the code expires.

This can be set separately per portal. You also have the option to enforce 2FA for all portal users.

Portal 2FA Settings

To enable 2FA for Portal Users:

  • Select Administration | Portals from the Menu Button
  • Select the appropriate Portal
  • Click the Edit button and set the Enable 2FA and the optional Force 2FA options
  • Click the Save button.

When users log into the Portal they now have the option to enable their own 2FA setting and setup a Google Authenticator code as shown in the following image:

Portal 2FA Settings

Users will have option to receive their One-Time password with TOTP (Time-based one-time password), SMS or Email.

Next time they log into the portal they will be required to also enter their 2FA code.


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