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Mythradon Administrator Guides


The Mythradon Customer Success Platform is a platform designed to simplify the development and deployment of cloud-based applications. The platform is a very extensible and flexible to allow you to configure additional functionality without having to modify the original source code, thereby allowing you to offer new capabilities and outputs to your end users without affecting the ability to upgrade.

Mythradon System Admin Guides

To help you get started with administering and configuring your Mythradon CSP we have provided the following user guides:

  • System Administration Guide - Describes how to administer your system. Such as setting up Users, Roles and Email settings.
  • Mythradon Tools - Describes how to use the Mythradon Tools to configure your application and add new entities and business logic.
  • Formulas - Describes how to implement business logic using Mythradon formulas.
  • Data Types - Describes the feature available in the different data types.
  • API Integration - Describes how to integrate into Mythradon using the REST based APIs.

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