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Mythradon Release Notes 2022-12-13

The 2022-12-13 release offers system enhancements and some bug fixes.



Support for Required Fields on Address

Mythradon now supports the ability to set address fields as being required.

This allows you to set each individual field in the set of address fields as being mandatory/required before allowing the record to be saved.

Setting the required fields needs to be performed using the Entity Manager.

Required Fields on Address


Mass Email Default Status Changed

The default status for Mass Emails has been changed to Draft. Previously this was defaulting to Pending which initiated the sending of emails.


Stream added to Meetings

The Stream has been added to Meetings and is used to record who has been sent an invite to attend the meeting. It will only record an invite if the invitee has an email address.


Layout Manager Field Removal Validation

The Entity Manager will prevent the removal of a field that is currently being used on a layout. In order to remove a field, all references to the field must be removed from all layouts. Removing fields from layouts requires using the Layout Manager and ensuring that the fields have been removed from each layout. Once complete, the field can then be removed from the entity using the Entity Manager.

This prevents layouts rendering fields that no longer exist.


Microsoft Office 365 Email Authentication Change

In November 2022 Microsoft announced the deprecation of basic authentication in Exchange Online. Mythradon now supports OAuth authentication for Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft - Deprecation of Basic authentication in Exchange Online

Existing email accounts that use Microsoft Office 365 will need to be updated. Entering an IMAP Host name in the Mythradon Email Account that contains office365 will automatically display additional OAuth fields that are required to authenticate with Microsoft Office 365.


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