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Mythradon Portal Roles


Portal Roles are similar to regular Security Roles in Mythradon, in that they allow you to define the functionality that is available to Users assigned to that Role.

Portal Roles have a few differences:

  • not-set - Denies Access
  • own - Records created by the User. i.e., A Portal User created a Case and this Case is owned by this User.
  • account - Records related to the Account the Portal User is related to. Relation (link) should be named account or accounts.
  • contact ‒ Records related to the Contact the Portal user is related to. Relation (link) should be named contact or contacts.

Assigned User and Teams fields are read-only for portal users.

Portal Roles can be applied to:

  • Portal - all users of the portal will receive this role (multiple roles are merged).
  • Portal User - to grant certain users specific permissions.

In order to control the access that Portal Users have on your system, you need to ensure that you create a Portal Role and assign that role to the appropriate Portal Users.


Create Portal Roles

To create Portal Roles:

  • Select Administration | Portal Roles from the Menu Button
  • Press the Create Portal Role button and fill in the appropriate fields
  • Select the access you wish to include in the role and press Save.

To assign a role to Portals or Portal Users, edit a portal or portal user record and select the role in Portal Roles selection box. You can assign multiple roles to one portal/ portal user record.


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