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Personal Email Accounts


Users can monitor their personal emails in Mythradon. Emails from personal mail boxes will be available in the Mythradon Email Client

The Mythradon system administrator can also setup personal email accounts for other users.

Personal email accounts can be used for both receiving and sending emails.

If the personal email account has SMTP and it's checked as used, then users will be able to use this account to send emails. Access to the account for sending is controlled by Roles through Personal Email Account permission.

Note: To enable users to use personal email accounts, an Administrator needs to allow access to Personal Email Accounts in the users' role.


Create Personal Email Accounts

Personal Email Accounts can be created by regular users via:

  • Select Emails. At the top right dropdown menu, select Personal Email Account.

Select Personal Email Regular User

Personal Email Accounts can also be created by Administrators via:

  • Select Administration | Personal Email Accounts from the Menu Button

The setting for IMAP is similar to Inbound Email Setting and the setting for SMTP is similar to Outbound Email Setting.

After creating personal email accounts, user can start to receive and send emails from Mythradon using the Email Client.


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