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Action History


Mythradon tracks actions performed by Users against records. This includes:

  • Reading / Viewing Records
  • Updating Records
  • Creating Records
  • Deleting Records

The information that is tracked includes:

  • Which User performed the action
  • What type of action they performed
  • What entity and record they performed the action against
  • What IP address they performed the action from
  • What date/time the action was performed

The Action History does not show what values on the record were modified. It simply shows who and when an action on a specific record was performed.

Note: This functionality is typically only provided to System Administrators who need to monitor the usage of the system.

To access Action History:

  • Select Administration | Action History from the Menu Button
  • Use the Filter to locate the required information. i.e., filter by User to view the action history performed by a specific user.

Action History

Action History records can be mass selected on the List View and exported into Excel.

Action History Export


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