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Domain Setup and Verification

To customise the email addresses used in Mythradon and send emails from your own domain instead of the default Mythradon address (i.e., *main@{your Mythradon instance URL}*), you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Verify your domain in Mythradon: In order to use your own email domain, you must verify it within the Mythradon platform. This process confirms that you have ownership or administrative access to the domain.

  2. Set up an SPF record on your Domain Name Server: The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email authentication technique that helps prevent email spoofing and unauthorised use of your domain. By setting up an SPF record on your Domain Name Server (DNS), you authorise Mythradon's servers to send emails on behalf of your domain. This record provides information to email receivers about the legitimacy of the sender's email origin.

  3. SPF and DNS: SPF utilises DNS (Domain Name Service) to specify the authorised email servers permitted to send emails on behalf of your domain. As a system and email administrator, you have the ability to configure and define which email servers are allowed to send emails for your domain.

Please note that while verifying your domain is not mandatory, it is necessary if you wish to utilise your own email domain in Mythradon. If you are using public domains such as or, this feature may not be available to you as you won't have access to the domain's DNS settings.

Note: Setting up and verifying your domain is a system administrator function and will require 'write' access to the 'Domain' entity.


Create Domain

To create a domain perform the following:

  • Select Administration | Domain Management from the Menu Button

This will display the list of Domains similar to the following:

Domain Management List

By default you will have the current system domain listed.

  • Click the Create Domain button
  • Enter the appropriate fields and press the Save button

Domain Fields

Field Description
Domain Name of the domain that you need to authorise Mythradon to use.
Verify Specify what to verify. Valid options are:
  • Ownership
  • Ownership & Email
Use Ownership & Email if you wish to use the domain for sending emails. If you are not planning on sending emails just select Ownership.
Domain Verification Method Defines the method that will be used to verify the domain. Valid options are:
  • HTML
HTML - Upload a HTML file to the root folder of your domain's website with the name '[Verification Code].html' (Without the '[]') i.e. 68d0ba135453163c0ba135143263c0ba1351533.html. The file just needs to exist.

DNS TXT record - Create a TXT record to for your domain with the value 'mythradon-domain-validation=[Verification Code]' (without the '[]'. i.e. mythradon-domain-validation=68d0ba135453163c0ba135143263c0ba1351533).

Note: The above examples assume the domain verification code = '68d0ba135453163c0ba135143263c0ba1351533'.


Create SPF Record

The process of setting up an SPF record is different for different domain registrars.

Edit your domain's DNS settings to add or modify your SPF TXT record.

Mythradon recommends using the following SPF format:

v=spf1 ~all

Note: Replace '' with your base Mythradon domain URL.

To verify that you SPF record is syntactically valid you can use the following tool:


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