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Managing Teams


In Mythradon you can group a number of Users into a Team. Teams can then be used to control who has access to what records within an Entity and what Accounts or Opportunities can they access.

Teams are also used in the Email-to-Case process for automatic distribution of Cases to Users.


Creating Teams

  • Select Administration | Teams from the Menu Button
  • Click the Create Team button
  • Complete the fields and click the Save button
  • The new Team will now be available for selection in any location within Mythradon that can accept a Team

Team Fields

Field Description
Name The name of the Team.
Roles Access Roles. Users of this Team obtain access control level from selected Roles. This field can take multiple values.
Position List Available positions in this team. i.e., Salesperson, Manager.
Layout Set Provides the ability to have layouts that differ from standard ones. Layout Set will be applied to users who have this team set as Default Team.


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