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Mythradon Sales

Mythradon Sales is a World class Sales Management System for individuals through to organisations with teams of sales professionals. Provide your sales team with the tools they need to close business faster and allow management to understand the forecasted revenue like never before.

Nothing happens until someone sells something - sales are the central part of building a successful organisation.

Sales is the foremost, critical aspect of business today and every employee must feel as though they are an important component of the business, and an intimate part of its culture.

Mythradon Sales provides the tools to track and manage your:

  • Customers and Contacts
  • Sales Leads and Opportunities
  • Customer communications including calls, emails, meetings, activities and events
  • Quotes and Invoices
  • Business more efficiently

Unlike simple contact management systems; Mythradon Sales lets you find and target high potential opportunities and key accounts. Mythradon Sales lets you analyse all your opportunities in an easy-to-understand sales pipeline chart, which makes it clear where to concentrate your efforts.

Mythradon Sales Overview

Mythradon Sales helps you to respond faster, by providing complete contact, account, calendar and activity management. It ensures that you never miss a customer commitment and always respond quickly with timely professional correspondence.

Let your sales team concentrate on closing business by spending less time searching through emails, files and disparate systems. Mythradon Sales is fully fused with Mythradon Service and Mythradon Marketing providing you a 360 degree view of all the interactions that are taking place with your customers.

Feature Summary

  • Manage Leads - Automatically allocate your Sales Leads from your web sites and other sources to your sales team. Convert Leads to Opportunities, Accounts and or Contacts in a flash.
  • Web to Lead - Create and assign Leads from your websites.
  • Manage Opportunities - Understand exactly where your future revenue stands by qualifying and managing your sales opportunities.
  • Manage Product Catalog - Easy, fast access to product information.
  • Quotes & Sales Invoices - Generate Quotes and Sales Invoices in seconds.
  • Purchase Invoices - Accurately track and record expenses and taxes paid


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