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Web to Lead


Web to Lead is a process of using a website form to capture visitor information and store that information as a new lead in Mythradon.

Mythradon allows you to create Lead Capture API Endpoint and put it in a form on your websites, so that your website visitors can fill in their information and their interests in your business and from there, automatically using the captured information from the form to create leads in Mythradon.

A Web-To-Lead process usually comprises of 2 steps:

  • Create Lead Capture API Endpoint and Create Leads
  • Convert your leads.


Create Lead Capture API

Mythradon supports creating an API Endpoint that can be put in any other applications for lead capturing. Please refer to Lead Capture API Endpoint for more information.


Convert Your Leads

When a lead is successfully created in Mythradon, users can convert the Lead into an Opportunity. Please refer to Converting Leads for more information.


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