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Providing Customer and Partner Self Service Portals are a great way to boost customer and partner satisfaction. Providing portal access can not only help reduce your internal costs, but they are simply more convenient for your Customers and Partners.

Mythradon Portals

With web portals you can provide access to sales brochures, technical service guides, articles and other literature from the Mythradon Knowledge Base.

Mythradon portals allow Customers and Partners to raise and update service requests at any time. The portal gives the user access to both current and historical service requests with their solutions. Access to historical solutions acts as a valuable knowledge base for the user.

Partner Portals are a great way of sharing business-level insights with your partners. Each partner can only access approved records and files.

Mythradon CSP allows you to create an unlimited number of portals. For example you could create a special purpose portal for your Platinum Level Customers that provides access to additional information in comparison to your standard Customer Portal.

Best Practice Features

  • Custom Branding - Brand your portal with your colour selection and logo.
  • Document Access - Controlled access to your documents.
  • Knowledge Base Access - Controlled access to your Knowledge Base Articles.

Setting Up a Portal

Follow the instructions to setup a new Mythradon Portal


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