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API User Accounts


API Users serve as a means for accessing the system through the API. These users are not actual users, but rather designated for API endpoint access. API Users are created to restrict the API's access to Mythradon and access control levels are managed through the use of Roles. For more information on Roles, please click here: Roles


Create API User

To create an API User:

  • Select Administration | API Users from the Menu Button
  • Click Create API User
  • Set the appropriate properties and click the Save button.

API User


The following properties for creating a new API User are as follows:

Property Description
User Name Unique name of an API User.
Is Active A newly created API User will be active by default.
Type The URL of the webhook.
Teams Used to define the Teams that the User is a member of. This field allows for multiple Teams to be selected.
Default Team Team considered to be the User's Default Team.
Roles Used to define the Roles that the User is a member of. This field allows for multiple Roles to be selected.

Once you save the API User, an API Key will be generated for you. You can now use this key to authenticate the API User using the "X-API-Key" header.


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