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Dashboard Templates


Administrators can create one or more Dashboard Templates and deploy them to multiple Users or all users in a Team.

Dashboard Templates allows easy management because every team member can see similar information and updates on their homepage.

Creating Dashboard Templates

To create a dashboard template:

  • Select Administration | Dashboard Templates from the Menu Button
  • Press the Template button
  • Define the Name and Layout for the template. Click the Pencil icon button to add tabs for the dashboard. Click the Plus icon button to add Dashlets. Refer to Dashboard Dashlets for more information.
  • Click Save button.

Create Dashboard Template


Deploying Dashboard Templates

Administrators can deploy a dashboard templates to Users. There are 2 types of deployment:

  • Deploy to Users: deploy the template to one more multiple users. The deployment can append or remove all user's existing tabs.
  • Deploy to Team: deploy the template to a Team. All users that belong to the Team will have the same template.

To deploy a dashboard template:

  • Select an existing template from the list
  • Click the button Deploy to Users or Deploy to Team
  • Select the users or team from the dropdown box
  • If you wish to deploy template without removing users' existing tabs, select Append checkbox.

Deploy Dashboard Template


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