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Getting Started as a Mythradon System Administrator

The Mythradon Administrator Quick Start Guide contains the following:


Step 1 - Set up your company logo and user interface

Administrators can set up the Application Name and Company Logo to make Mythradon have a look and feel that complies with your business. Administrators can also configure a menu with a list of menu items that are relevant to your organisation's preferences.

Click here to learn how to set your Company Logo, Application Name and other UI.


Step 2 - Create Users

As an administrator, you have the ability to create users for your organisation. You can restrict different users to different access level to Mythradon via Role.

There are 4 types of users in Mythradon:

  • Regular Internal Users: Users that belong to your organisation and use Mythradon
  • Admin Users: Only administrators from Mythradon can create other administrator users. These administrators will have limited access. If you wish to create a new Admin user account, please contact Mythradon Support
  • Portal Users: Users that only have the access and use your Mythradon Portals. These users can be your business partners or clients, they use the Portals in order to send you Customer Service requests
  • API Users: API Users are not real users. They are users that used by other applications to access to your Mythradon via API. The access is also controlled by Role.

Click here for further information.


Step 3 - Create Roles

Administrators can create roles and assigned them to users. Roles are used to control access to application functionality as well as define the access level for CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) features for all Entities.

There are to types of Roles:

  • Regular Roles: Roles that are applied for Internal Users and API Users.
  • Portal Roles: Roles that are applied for Portal Users.

Click here for further information.


Step 4 - Create Teams

Teams are a group of Internal Users. Teams can be used for Access Level Control because you can assign roles to a team, all users belong to the team will inherent the team's role. This feature makes it easy to organise your users and their access to Mythradon.

Mythradon provides you a set of System Managed Roles that you can use together with Teams to accelerate your set up process.

Click here to learn more about Teams.


Step 5 - Import Your Data into Mythradon

Administrators can import data from your existing application into Mythradon in order to quickly create records in bulk for different entities. For example: importing a list of Accounts. This saves you a lot of time to get Mythradon ready for your business.

Click here to learn more about data importing.


Step 6 - Set up Outbound Email and Group Email Accounts

In order to send emails from Mythradon, Administrators need to configure Outbound Emails. Click here to learn about to configure Outbound Emails.

If your organisation requires to fetch emails from Group Emails and Create Case from Incoming Emails, check out Group Emails Accounts.


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