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Managing Users


In Mythradon a User refers to a person who can log into the system. This is generally an employee or a contractor of your organisation.

Partners and Customers can also be setup to access Mythradon, however they are generally setup as Portal Users. Refer to Portal Setup for further details.

To manage Users:

This displays the User List View. From here you can manage your Users.


Creating Users

  • Select Administration | Users from the Menu Button
  • Press the Create User button and fill in the appropriate fields

Note: There will be an option at the bottom of the form to send an email to the new User

Mythradon User Details


Property Description
Username The name that the User will be required to enter in order to log into Mythradon. Typically an email format. Usernames can be changed if required.
Salutation The User's salutation. i.e., Mr, Mrs etc.
First Name The User's first name.
Last Name The User's last name.
Title The User's Job Title.
Email The User's Email Addresses. This field allows for multiple email addresses.
Phone The User's Phone Number. This field allows for multiple phone numbers.
Gender Sex/Gender of the User.
Type Used to set if the User is a System Administrator or Regular User.
Is Active Flag used to control if the User is active and can access the system. Only active Users will be able to access the system.
Teams Used to define the Teams that the User is a member of. This field allows for multiple Teams to be selected.
Default Team Team considered to be the User's Default Team.
Roles Used to define the Roles that the User is a member of. This field allows for multiple Roles to be selected.
Password The User's password for accessing the system. Only visible when creating a new User or when resetting the Password for a User.
Confirm Password Confirmation of the User's new password.

Note: When creating a new User the system can generate a random password for the User. The User and the System Administrator have the ability to reset the User's password.


User Default Permissions

By default, users have minimal access. You need to assign Roles to grant users specific access levels.

It's possible to see what permissions are applied to a certain user by clicking Access button on the user's detail view.

Mythradon User Access Roles


Seeing User Access

To quickly view what access the current user has, click the Access button towards the the top left of the screen.

User Access Role

Click here for further details on Managing Access Roles.


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