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Mythradon Basics

Mythradon Basics contains features and functions that are available across all Mythradon modules.

Mythradon Basics Overview

The Mythradon Basics include:

  • Multi Channel - Engage with your customers and partners via multiple channels such as your call centre, web portals, emails or integrated technologies such as web page chat. Regardless of how your customers and partners engage with you, your users can all have access to the same centralised information.
  • Multi Language Support - Support for over 25 languages with the ability to extend as you require.
  • Multi Currency - Support for unlimited number of currencies and exchange rates.
  • Multi Device Support - Access your Mythradon system anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection, on any device. Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops & Desktop devices are all supported.
  • Self-service Web Portals - Create web portals for your Partners, Customers etc so they login and self-service.
  • Integrated Email - No more silos of information in multiple mailboxes throughout your organisation. Send, receive emails directly from Mythradon; or target select folders to sync from your favourite email client. Automatically relating your emails to the appropriate Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Cases.

Feature Summary

  • Manage Accounts & Manage Contacts - Searching, creating, and updating Accounts and Contacts is quick and easy.
  • Home Page Dashboards - Visually showcase the data that you care most about with multi page dashboards of Charts, Dashlets, Lists etc.
  • Notification Centre - Keeping you informed of changes to records you care about.
  • Quick Create - Save time creating new records by using the Quick Create menu.
  • Global Search - Search across the system using the Global Search.
  • Activity Streams - Collaborate with your team using the Activity Streams and the ‘Follow’ records functionality.
  • Email Client - Receive and respond to emails directly from Mythradon; automatically relating the email to the appropriate CRM records.
  • Calendar Management - Track and manage meetings, calls, tasks and other activities.
  • Calendar - Use Calendar to track own and other users activities.
  • User, Team & Security Role Management - Setup and manage Users, Teams and Roles that control what Entities, Records and even Fields that Users can access.
  • JSON REST API Support - Built on JSON REST API standards that can be used by other programming languages to integrate with Mythradon CSP.
  • Documents & Folders - Provides a searchable and secure document repository that can be used in responses to customer Cases or made available on Customer and Partner portals.
  • Portal Management - Create your own Customer and Partner self-service portals to help reduce internal customer service work loads.
  • Data Import Wizard - Import your Contact, Account and any other data from Outlook, Excel or other sources with the Mythradon Data Import Wizard.


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