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Calendar Management in Mythradon


Here are some tips on using the Mythradon CRM Calendar that will make you more efficient.

To begin with, the calendar will display 3 event types marked with different colours:

  • Meetings - Blue
  • Calls - Red
  • Tasks - Green

Such an event colouring helps you find the needed event with a single glance.

Time and duration of the events can be easily changed using our drag and drop feature. You can also choose how exactly you want to view your calendar, trying different calendar modes: day, week, month or timeline.

Calendar Modes


Adding Events to Calendar

To add an event to your calendar, press the cell with the needed time. Then choose the type of the event, configure its status, duration, attendees and their invitation status, etc. For illustrative purposes, we’ll create a meeting with support manager for Jim Williams and configure all the details (look at the picture below).

Create New Meeting

Our newly created meeting with Support Manager will be displayed not only at our calendar, but also on the Activity panel/dashboard if the event status is “planned” or on the History panel if the event status is “held” or “not held”.



Filtering Events

Calendar also supports a filtering tool which will come in handy for those that want to choose what kind of information they want to be displayed on their calendar. To start using it, press the drop-down menu button at the top right corner and choose the events you want to see.

Events Filter


Calendar Share View

In Mythradon Calendar, you can use your calendar to keep up with your team’s assignments and track its progress by using a shared view calendar:

  • Click Drop-down menu button at the top right corner
  • Create a Shared View
  • Change the title of a shared calendar
  • Choose a calendar mode and the team you want to follow
  • Press Create button.

Shared View Settings


Calendar Timeline

Timeline is a specialised calendar view that allows you to view the activities of multiple Users on the same view.

My Image

In order to use Timeline:

  • Click on the Timeline button on the top right to access Timeline view.
  • Create a Share View first. If you do not have a Share View, click the Pencil icon and select users you wish to view the activities of.

Mythradon Calendar Timeline


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