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Webhooks allow other applications to subscribe to specific events in Mythradon and receive data related to those events. This feature allows easy integration between Mythradon an other applications that are being used within your organisation.

The level of information that is provided by a webhook is controlled by the API user associated with it in Mythradon. If no API user is related to a webhook, then all information related to that webhook event will be provided.

Create a Webhook

To create a webhook:

  • Select Administration | Webhooks from the Menu Button
  • Click Create Webhook
  • Set the appropriate properties and click the Save button.

Create Webhook


The following properties for creating a new Webhook are as follows:

Property Description
Event The event in Mythradon that a webhook subscribes to.
Is Active A newly created webhook will be active by default.
URL The URL where the data of the webhook will be sent to.
API User Mythradon's API users. The webhook will have the access permission of this API user. Please click here to know more about API User.


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