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Mythradon APIs


Mythradon API Developer

The Mythradon CSP platform offers comprehensive functionality through its JSON REST-style APIs. These APIs provide the ability to perform all CRUD operations and are automatically generated for any entities or fields created using the Entity Manager within the Mythradon Tools. These APIs are accessible to a wide range of programming languages, making integration with external systems seamless.

Mythradon Integrated Systems

Mythradon APIs have been meticulously crafted with a focus on best practices, encompassing adherence to JSON REST standards and ensuring secure, authenticated access. They boast support for specialized user accounts and roles to enable precise endpoint restriction. Authentication methods, such as HMAC or key-based authentication, are employed to guarantee the integrity of incoming requests. Moreover, every interaction with the APIs is systematically documented in audit logs, facilitating analysis and troubleshooting as needed.



Mythradon is a single page application that utilizes a REST API to connect the frontend and backend. This allows for operations performed through the user interface to be implemented via API calls using a preferred programming language. To gain an understanding of how the API functions, one can observe network activity by tracing the network tab in the browser console (accessible by pressing the F12 key).

Most API functions return data in the JSON format. POST and PUT requests generally require data to be passed in the payload in JSON format.

Requests need to have the following headers:

  • "Content-Type: application/json"
  • "X-API-Key: "

For information on API Users and obtaining an API Key, please click here: API User Accounts.

The path to the API in Mythradon is "api/v1/".

For example, a GET API request would be:

GET https://<Your Mythradon Domain>/api/v1/Contact/6366fdd64aa260d49

In this documentation, we omit the site URL and "api/v1/" path when showing examples of API functions. If you utilize any of our client implementations, these parts will be automatically added.

It is recommended to create a separate API user with specific rights (roles) and use this user for API calls.


API Functions

  • CRUD operations - crate, read, update, delete
  • Related records
  • Stream
  • Currency Rate
  • Attachments
  • I18n
  • Account
  • Search Parameters


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