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Mythradon Activity Streams


Mythradon Activity Streams represent posts that show all the updates and changes made to audited fields on records. The Activity Streams also allow users to share comments and discuss different issues connected to those records with the teammates via posts. The feature is available by default for Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Cases. Users can also utilise text-formatting tools to make their posts eye-catching. It’s also possible to mention other users while posting a comment so that a tagged person could get a notification about a post.

Activity Streams

Best Practice Features

  • Automatic Audit Logging - Entries will be automatically posted to the Stream on a record whenever audited fields have been modified. This will advise the who, when and what was changed on the record.
  • Support for @Mentions - Quickly add a mention to your post using the standard social media syntax of ‘@’ followed by the first few letters of a user’s name to pick from a list.
  • Text Formatting - Using popular Wiki Markdown syntax, users can create great looking posts.


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