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Contact Management

Contact Management

What is a Contact?

Typically in business you deal with people and companies. In Mythradon CRM you store information about your customers using Accounts and Contacts.

An Account in Mythradon CRM refers to a physical business or company that you do business with, and Contacts are the employees of these companies.

To manage Contacts select the Contacts tab from the main menu.

Contact List


Search for a Contact

From the Contact List you can quickly search for the Contact that you are looking for using the Search box. This will allow you to filter the list of Contacts by the name or part of the Contact Name.

Contact Search

The Search box supports partial name matching and the use of wild cards in the form of an asterisk as shown above.

Note: The Search example above has searched for the word 'bob'. It has returned Contact names without the word 'bob'. This is because the Contact Entity has been configured to search both the Name and Email Address fields. In this case the Contacts - Jacqueline Barton and Polly Matzinger have an email address that contains the word 'bob'.

Additional fields can be configured into the search by the System Administrator. Refer to the documentation on the 'Entity Manager' for details.

For additional information on searching in Mythradon please refer to Mythradon Search.


Edit a Contact

Click on the Contact Name field to display the details of the selected Contact.

Contact Details

From here you view the details of the Contact and see the related Opportunities, Cases, Documents etc.

You can either edit the complete record by pressing the Edit button or individual fields with Mythradon's in-line editing feature.


Create a New Contact

From the Contact List, click the Create Contact button.

Create New Contact

Mandatory fields will be identified with an asterisk. i.e., the Name field.

Click the Save button to save the new Contact record.

Contact Fields

Field Description
Salutation Contact's salutation. i.e., Mr, Mrs etc.
First Name Contact's First Name.
Last Name Contact's Last Name.
Email The Contact's Email address. This field accepts multiple values.
Phone The Contact's Phone number. This field accepts multiple values.
Street The Contact's Street Address.
City The Contact's address City/Suburb.
State The Contact's address State.
Postal Code The Contact's address Postal Code.
Country The Contact's address Country.
Description General description.


Follow a Contact

Click the Follow button to see changes made to this specific Contact on your main Stream on your Home Page.

Follow Contact


Duplicate a Contact

In order to speed up the process of create a new Contact that is similar to an existing Contact you can use the Duplicate button as shown below:

Duplicate Contact


View Personal Data

Mythradon provides the ability to view and erase personal data for specific records. This function is useful for complying with data privacy regulations. If the field is a mandatory field the value will be obfuscated into a non-reversible value. Check the email address and phone number fields in the following images.

  • Search for the required Contact
  • Click the View Personal Data button
  • Select the fields to erase and click the Erase button

Remove Personal Contact Data

Note: The Mythradon Data Privacy functionality is available on Contacts, Leads and Accounts.

By default there are specific fields defined on each entity that are flagged as containing personal data. The Entity Manager supports the ability to flag other fields as personal data.


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